Friday, October 18, 2013

Gorgeous Ornaments

This lovely little ornament is a copy of one I was given last Christmas - it is very cleverly folded up, and then expands to a beautiful starburst ornament.

I have used the Winter Frost paper stack to create this lovely number.

The top mechanism uses a button to hold the ornament closed whether it is folded up or folded out to make the ornament.

The ornament requires 6 pieces of paper folded into quarters

and then folded on the diagonal on the other side.  Each of these 6 folded shapes are then glued together to make the whole ornament.  My squares are 8cm x 8cm each.  For the outside cover pieces in Coastal Cabana, I have made them 4.1cm x 4.1cm each.

The ribbon is adhered underneath the cover pieces and then each piece is threaded through the button and then tied together at the top.

I am VERY happy to teach this to you at a class - it is fun and well worth the effort!!

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